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Lottery Essay

  • Submitted by: erkeene
  • on November 17, 2013
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Annie Keene
Mr. Cummings
English 9H
29 October 2013
“The Lottery”
In the short story, “The Lottery”, Shirley Jackson focuses on a small town whose villagers conduct a yearly lottery, in which the person who draws   a piece of paper containing a block spot on it gets stoned to death by the remaining villagers. Although within this tradition there involves a human sacrifice, the villagers remain obedient to the society there were raised in, and contribute to it. It is through the loyalty of characters Old Man Warner and Davy Hutchinson, the setting of an old fashioned town, as well as the symbols of the black box and black spot that display the primary theme that people born into a society follow its traditions, reluctant to change, for they fear that with change comes a negative outcome.
Through the actions and words of characters Old Man Warner and Davy Hutchinson their loyalty they possess towards their town shows. Old Man Warner is the oldest man in the town, who has been partaking in the annual lottery ever since it was first created, which is why he believes strongly that it must continue simply because, “There’s always been a lottery” (2).He’s grown up participating in the lottery, creating the mentality that it was essential to keep for the towns sake, even though his reasoning is lacking. Warner celebrates an event, blind to the reality of his own decisions. Similar to Old Man Warner, Tessie Hutchinson’s younger son, Davy, also is oblivious to his chooses about the lottery, shown when, “someone gives him a few pebbles,” so he could help the villager’s stone his mother (4). Faithful Davy stones his mother, not knowing any better than what the other villagers have told him to do. It is because society influences young children like Davy that they do particular things that they don’t know better, however their loyalty to something can only last so long.
Because the setting of the story takes place in an old fashioned town, change is less likely to occur...

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