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Love Essay

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  • on November 10, 2010
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Lowering the drinking age

Underage drinking has become an epidemic in today’s society among the young generation. Statistics shown more than half of adolescence between the ages of twelve and twenty have at least consumed or encountered alcohol at least twice. Alcohol is the drug of choice to some adolescents. As a result of the adolescent consuming alcohol binge drinking can occur. Frequent adolescents binge drinkers are more likely to engaged in dangerous behaviors such as, partaking other drugs such as, marijuana and cocaine, having multiplies sex partners and earning d’s and f’s for academic grades.
Those who support lowering the legal age to eighteen from twenty-one hypothesed that the adolescents will be less likely engage in binge drinking. Adolescents in other foreign countries are exposed to alcohol at a younger age, engaged in less binge drinking and also have a positive attitude towards alcohol. They believe at the age of eighteen the adolescent is more mature to drink. Adolescents that are legal to buy cigarettes, able to vote and can join the military and etc. should be able to drink and buy alcoholic beverages. As longs as the adolescent know how to limit the amount of alcohol use it should be acceptable, but what happens when the adolescent abuses the use of alcohol? Despite the drinking age, which is currently twenty-one, an adolescent makes the decision to drink not realizing the outcomes. Considering on changing the drinking age back to eighteen would be irrational.
Moving from youth to adolescence comes along with many changes such as, physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes. In important area of alcohol research focus on how expectancy influences drinking patterns from childhood into adolescence. Alcohol is established very early in life even before the child approaches the age eleven. Before age nine children view alcohol as being bad with severe effects. By the age twelve their opinion shifts towards alcohol making it being positive....

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