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Love Without Limits Essay

  • Submitted by: CorrineXD
  • on November 17, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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The fourth law of love is the Law of Unity. The Law of Unity tells us that love embraces all. Love includes everything and everyone. In love there is no separation, there is no “us” and no “them.” There is only One. Love is not against some things and for others. Love has no agenda, love simply is.

Like the sweet scent of a flower floating on the breeze, love is available to whoever receives it. There is no limit to how many souls love can grace. The rose bush does not ask, “Who is this passing by my garden? Will I permit them a whiff of my fragrance?” Neither does the rose bush worry, “Is every passerby getting my perfume? Did the wind carry it away too fast?”

The Law of Unity is relatively easy to talk about but perhaps the most challenging of all the laws of love to apply to every day life. How is it possible to have intimate relationships and still love inclusively? What does it really mean to embrace everything? Is there no place at all in love for boundaries and distinctions? The dualistic nature of the mind, which automatically slices life into categories of good/bad, right/wrong, and love/hate, finds the very idea of oneness alien and threatening. It immediately begins building a case against unity, telling us this kind of love is impractical, burdensome, utopian, and even sinful.

Just as I was beginning to write this chapter the phone rang. My intention was to focus exclusively on writing for the next hour, but when I saw that the caller was a friend and colleague I'd been trying to reach for days I found myself reaching for the phone.

“I'm working on my book right now” I told him. “Can I call you back in an hour?” He said that I could call but would probably be unable to reach him, so I chose to delay my writing and speak with him right away.

After I hung up the phone, I noticed that my mind was struggling to reconcile the gap between my intention and my action. Was taking the phone call the most loving thing to do for myself and my friend?...

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