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Loyalty Essay

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Loyalty to me embodies many different aspects. When I first think of the word loyalty, the word commitment comes to mind: commitment to a person, commitment to a brand, to an organization or to anything else a person may choose to commit to. Commitment involves trust and appreciation of some kind, and so these two aspects relate directly to loyalty in my book. For example, I have been playing basketball for the majority of my young life and have built a strong loyalty to both the Nike Brand and the Jordan brand. Whenever I shop for new basketball shoes or new attire, I don’t even think to look at any other brands because I’ve built such strong loyalty to these two over the years. My appreciation has grown from just liking these two brands to actually feeling like I am part of the brand. This is when true loyalty is able to take place.
This also translates to people. Take a husband and a wife for instance. Loyalty is built over a long period of time, by growing the appreciation between the two thus immediately affecting their commitment. Long and healthy marriages in my opinion have a strong sense of both aspects; whereas the marriages that don’t make it, usually, but not always have lost a bit in either one or both areas, commitment and/or appreciation. Not to say that every marriage that ends in a divorce is due to lack of commitment or appreciation, but I am simply trying to put my theory on loyalty into perspective. This also translates to a person’s favorite singer or band; as long as they appreciate that artist they will feel commitment which in turn becomes loyalty. Purchasing their albums, attending their concerts and displaying their appreciation for the artist in various ways all embody loyalty. This is how icons like Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley are made. Their loyal legions of fans carry their legacy even after death, demonstrating loyalty at its finest.
All in all loyalty is a strong sentiment that translates into a person’s feeling of belonging...

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