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Lucerne Publishing Essay

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Lucerne Publishing IT Upgrade
Joshua Crisp
Prof. Wilson


Lucerne Publishing is a publishing company based in New York City, New York, which produces science textbooks for colleges and medical schools. In recent months, Lucerne Publishing has been planning a move toward a “virtual office,” where over 300 writers, editors, and graphics personnel will transition to working out of their homes instead of working in traditional “brick-and-mortar” offices. The main office in New York City will continue to house roughly 200 employees working in centralized functions such as Payroll, Accounting, and Human Resources. The company is also in the midst of a significant upgrade to its network infrastructure at the main office, including an upgrade of all server computers to Windows Server 2008. Each of these departments maintains a number of file and application servers that house sensitive personal and financial data, all of which require extensive security for their sensitive data. As the network administrator for Lucerne Publishing, you are tasked with configuring remote access for these new virtual office employees, while still maintaining the overall security of the Lucerne Publishing network.


Lucerne Publishing IT Upgrade
Lucerne Publishing is looking for an IT solution that can save them money by allowing employees to work from home.   In order to do this we will look at how we can setup their network in order for this to happen.   We will look at how we will configure Server 2008, what types of access we can support, security concerns and database optimization.   After we are done employees will be able to do their work from home while still providing a safe networking experience.  
In order to support access for our remote employees we will need a router that is capable of handling the increase in traffic.   We have a couple...

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