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Mac Makeup Or Department Store Essay

  • Submitted by: danielletad09
  • on October 31, 2010
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How to do long lasting Makeup

Have you ever saw a celebrity on Television and wished you had a face or looked like that? The way they always look so gorgeous. Their skin is always so flawless, vibrant, and alive. Well guess what. There is a secret to it. I am going to tell you how to do make up like the movie stars. I will tell you what to do from the beginning, Such as how to properly prep your face to look healthy and young. All the way to the finishing touches and setting your make up to make it last.
You should start with washing your face with an exfoliant face wash. This has little: tinny, micro beads in it that help remove all your excess or dead skin. When washing your face start with warm water to open up all your pores. Rub the exfoliant in a circular motion. Also use warm water when washing off the soap. Next you should pat dry your face with a clean fresh towel. The last part of the prepping stage you need to moisturize.
Once you are finished prepping the face you can begin applying the makeup. Depending on the skin type, you would usually start with the counselor first. Counselor can either be a liquid or clay like texture. It should always be one or two shades lighter than your skin tone or foundation. You want to only apply as needed. If you are using a full coverage foundation you would apply the counselor after. Counselor is usually used as a color corrector. With that said you want to only apply under your eyes if you have discoloration and on blemishes. Apply foundation is quite similar. You should try to match it to your skin tone as much as possible. When using a liquid foundation you want to first put it on your hand. Then gradually dab it on your face in different areas. Doing this prevents the “cakey” makeup look. Using a foundation brush swirl in the foundation in a circular motion until fully blended.
Next you want to do your eyes. No matter what look you are going for you always need to put an eye primer on. This helps sets and...

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