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Macbeth Essay

  • Submitted by: eimear95
  • on November 25, 2012
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In Shakespeare's Macbeth, a series of forces work against Macbeth and succeed in tempting him to murder King Duncan and assume the Scottish throne. As a consequence and result of murdering King Duncan, Macbeth's personality becomes cold, his marriage is separated, his friendships are severed, and his relation to his country is compromised. His decision and action to commit premeditated and cold-blooded murder alters and worsens every element of his life. He is constantly reminded of his terrible deed by his screaming conscience.

First, the personality and character of Macbeth are gravely affected by his dastardly murder. At the beginning of the play, Macbeth possesses certain likable qualities that illustrate him as an upright, brave, and noble warrior. These qualities cause the reader to pity Macbeth as he sinks into sin and corruption. As Macbeth battles himself over the decision to murder the King, he is reluctant and doubtful. This is a sign that he has a reasonably formed conscience and therefore he will come to realize his own guilt and he will be haunted by his decision to kill. By the end of the play, Macbeth has lost all of these admirable qualities and his character becomes cold, greedy, deceitful, and murderous. After killing Duncan, Macbeth becomes a power-hungry tyrant who is ready to go to any measures, even murder, to secure his position and disguise his crimes. This transformation of Macbeth's personality helps illustrate how he is a tragic hero. Also, Macbeth slowly loses his sanity after his murder of Duncan, putting a damper on his personality.

Next, Macbeth's marriage to Lady Macbeth is impacted by his murder. Many things change during and after the regicide. Before, Macbeth and his wife are both very much alive and have a stable relationship. As Macbeth goes through the process of disposing of the King, Lady Macbeth is a force of temptation and evil to Macbeth. This murder of the King splits them apart as well as driving both Macbeth and...

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