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Macbeth Essay

  • Submitted by: Heatherlsmith132
  • on November 12, 2010
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Macbeth Essay
    Throughout Shakespear’s Macbeth, numerous symbols are used. Many of these depict characters’’ actions and appearance, emotions, and events that have happened previously in the play. Although there are many symbols used all threw the play, there are three important groups of symbols that are used most regularly. These are blood, sleep, and animals, which all have different representations.
  Blood is an important symbol that is used continuously in the play. In the beginning of the play, blood is something which represents courage and bravery. Those who fought and created blood were thought to be heroic. However, towards the end of the play, blood has become something which everyone fears, it is evil, and symbolizes guilt and murder. An example of this can be found in act three scene four, starting at line one hundred and twenty-three:
Macbeth: “It will have blood, they say: blood will have blood.
Stones have been known to move and trees to speak; Augurs
And understood relations have by maggot-pies and choughs and
Rooks brought forth the secret’s man of blood. What is the night?”
The first line signifies that those who are involved in bloody crimes will someday become victims of them. It is saying that people are always punished at some time in their lives for their wrong doings. The statement also signifies the murder and violence are something that Macbeth is very familiar with. Using blood as a symbol in this passage makes it somehow more emotional and gets its point across while making the viewer or reader think. The symbol of the blood is used extremely well all throughout the play.
  Sleep is another of the important symbols used in the play. Sleep signifies the nature and essence of a person, and is something which is very peaceful and innocent. Sleep begins in this way in Macbeth, but as the play progresses, it becomes something the people fear. The characters don’t feel safe to sleep, as they are afraid that they will become...

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