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Major Event N My Life Essay

  • Submitted by: dekita
  • on November 25, 2012
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What major event changed my life?

What major event changed my life dramatically was when I had my first daughter (bunny)It all started when I got out of jail in December 2001, a couple months after that my soon to be child father was released from the city workhouse so around   February the following year   Kendrick (bunny dad)an I did the do and in late February I found out I was pregnant it was the most horrifying thing in the world . I did not know what to do I wasn’t ready for any kids I wasn’t for real I was confused, upset depressed ,stressed, and all the above….I had to figure out what I have to do.

So as time went on I decided to have an aboration. Ok now every thing was going fine till i get to the aboration clinic with my besstie (shonda),they the nurses checked me in, doing vitals and everything now its time for the ultrasound..... ok cool im ready for this to happen. then at the last minute the nurse come back in and told me they could not preform the procdure.I was like what!!!!! I was in a state of shock I asked why? The nurse replied sorry Ms. Townsend but you are to far along you is 23 weeks and we stop at 22 weeks.

Now I have another plan.... adoption so atherwards my friend Ne Ne an I started going to the library everyday looking in the papers an on line to find a good home or agency for my soon to be child .I was serious about this i did not believe i was ready to be a mom an at the rate her dad was going he wasent either.

A few months went passed an i was awakend by a phone call round 9am. It was one of his(kendrick) friends calling to inform me that Kenny has been shot 11 times an he might not make it i called all his relatives ,an got a ride to the hospital he was on life support for three days,as the weeks went by he   was doing better an better ,also I was getting bigger an bigger,so we decided to keep the baby (even tho he didnt know any thing about the adoption stuff).While in rehabiliation he was getting ready...

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