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Malcolm X Essay

  • Submitted by: divapr70
  • on November 24, 2012
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I would say Malcolm X surely merited a postage stamp in the Black Heritage series for his influence on the aspects for the Civil Rights Movement.   Sometimes in order to bring about change something contentious has to take place so people can break away from the standard routine they have are comfortable with.   Few people can create the kind controversy and awareness needed to promote that awareness, but Malcolm X was one of those that would die trying to accomplish that awareness.   Earl Little was a black Baptist minister and a devoted civil rights liberal.   Malcolm Little was born in Omaha Nebraska on May 19, 1925 to Earl and his wife Louise.   Malcolm was the object of bigotry from early on in his life.   Before Malcolm was four, his family had to move twice to evade death threats from the Black Legion as regards to Earl's civil rights involvement (Cha-Jua, 2011).
Malcolm's family's efforts to evade the imminent violence were ineffective.   Their home in Lansing, Michigan was burned to the ground in 1929; the police declared the fire a mishap.   The family pulled through that disaster but in 1931 Earl's body was discovered lying on the tracks on the town's trolley (Cha-Jua, 2011).   The police would also declare Earl’s death to be another accident; however the Little’s, deeply considered both events to be no mistake.   Soon after Louise experienced an emotional collapse and was hospitalized, the children were separated into several foster homes and children's home.   Malcolm was a resilient child and advanced to the top of his class in middle school.   Bizarrely, Malcolm's future was changed when his favorite teacher told him that his vision of being a lawyer was no sensible ambition for a black person.   Discouraged, Malcolm left school and stood in Boston working several jobs.   In 1941 Malcolm and his friend Shorty Jarvis relocated to Harlem, New York where he would become known as Detroit Red (Cha-Jua, 2011).   While in Harlem he had begun a criminal life of selling...

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