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Malcolm X Essay

  • Submitted by: rachelpun613
  • on November 10, 2010
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Malcolm X, one of the most powerful leaders of black America during the 1960s.   He was a street hustler convicted of robbery that made him spent seven years in prison.   He became frustrated at not being to express himself in letter, and he wanted to be as knowledgeable as his fellow inmate, Bimbi who had always taken charge of any conversations, therefore he started to educate himself by copying the whole dictionary.   Malcolm X learnt of people, places and events from history, especially the history of the white and the black.   He wrote about how bad were the white and the way they humiliated the non-white group.
  Racism tends to be a social phenomenon, it has been existing since long time ago.   From the article, Malcolm X mentioned the real history about the white collected the black for slavery, and even humiliated them both mentally and physically.   In the past, people tended to show their authority and power by killing people, and made them obedient.   Those illegal actions will not happened to today's world for sure;however, racism still cannot be resolved.   Racism is a kind of discrimination to a certain group of people on their ethics and behaviours.   Especially black people are labelled as 'poor people'. Once, I was passing by a white beggar and a black man.   The black man took a five dollar note and gave it to the white beggar.   Unexpectedly, the white beggar refused to have it and said, 'I do not need black people to take compassion on me, you should better save it for yourself, you need that more than I do!'   I was so surprised that racism can impact an individual's in such a bad level. Everyone is all equal, there is no different between you and the one next to you.   It is the 21st century, people should let the past pass and accept the new thing to come.   If everyone just stay at the original point, there will not be any improvements in the new world.  
After getting to know Malcolm X's background, I learnt a lot from him, especially from his...

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