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Mama Essay

  • Submitted by: ashnut
  • on November 17, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Mama" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

7.03 Caloric Output Activity Worksheet
Caloric 7.03 Output Activity Worksheet Part 1 (25 points) Determine your basal caloric requirements using the BMR calculator. Gender: Female Height: 5ft 7in Weight: 213lbs Age:15 1. Basal Caloric Requirement : 1548 (5 pts) 2. What does the Basal Metabolic Rate represent? (10 pts) The Basal Metabolic Rate represents how many calories a person burns by not moving or doing any type of work. 3. What is the importance of calculating your BMR? (10 pts) To find how many calories you burn without exercise to determine what you need just to maintain your weight. Part 2 (75 points) Determine your caloric output for your daily activities. Use the Calorie Organizational Chart to determine your activities, see link. Once your chart is completed, enter the activities into the calculator to determine your caloric output at Caloriesperhour.com. Your activities should equal a 24 hour period of time. Be sure to include a typical day for your assignment. Once you have entered all activities in the caloric calculator it will determine your caloric output for the day. ACTIVITY ORGANIZATIONAL CHART This is an organizational tool to help you list what you do in a typical day and how long each activity takes. We have filled in three one hour blocks just as an example. Once you have completed the chart, use the Caloric Activity Calculator to determine your caloric requirements for this 24 hour period. Activities and amount of time for each List all that you would do in each one hour block of time. Your total activity time for each block should be one hour. Time of Day If it isn't an hour, then either expand your activities list for that hour or increase your estimated times for each. Remember to complete the entire chart for a 24 full hour period. 12:00 Sleep ( 1hr) 1:00 AM sleep (1 hr) 2:00 AM sleep (1 hr) 3:00 AM Sleep (1hr) 4:00 AM Sleep (1hr) 5:00 AM Sleep (1hr) 6:00 AM fix breakfast (5 min), eat breakfast (15 min), shower (10 min), Calories...

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