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Management Essay

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Ana G. Mendez University System

Mariam Torres

Turabo University South Florida Campus

Prof. Maria-Renee Davila




      This present research aims and explain more clearly how it is carried out authority, responsibility and delegation in the management. In order to achieve a business objective. These order to understand how defined and how managers use power, Influence, and authority and system to create is part of the managerial Responsibility of organizing.

      Every company have to a system of authority that describes the relationship between employee and manager.   The person who is the singe that authority has the ability to make decisions, to direct specific processes and put into practice the policy community in a company. for this must be a person of integrity and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat do not abuse their power to harm or benefit, that when people perceive others as illegitimate authority, are less likely to voluntarily comply.

      Moreover is an important factor for responsibility required to meet the objectives related to the position and organization, this applies to managers are the people who are responsible for supervising the work effort of employees, dealing with immediate problems and continually seek solutions and be alert to new opportunities and ways to take advantage. Displaying proper attitude and behavior, job knowledge, and Effective Communication to build good working relationships thereby motivating people to accomplish programs and meet objectives.

      Part of these processes of organization used the delegation is to allocate part of their job or responsibility others to meet the same objective, the employee who is assigned to the task of identifying and have problems consider solutions which can carry out the best possible job considering he has all the tools necessaries to...

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