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Management Accounting Essay

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Many large companies in the UK consider budgeting as important to determine future goals more closely. Budgeting has long been considered an excellent way to drive future sales more accurately. In recent years, however, Research has proven that there is a huge demand for zero based budgets.

Zero based budgets: explain, advantages, disadvantages 214 words

Zero based budgeting is a strategy used by senior managers to analyse each activity distinctively within a department in order to help maintain costs appropriately. The main objective for using this stratagem is to identify the best possible way to allocate these resources more effectively, thereby, preparing budgets starting from zero without using previous year’s figures as though it has been undertaken for the first time.

From the early 1970’s, it has been a successful approach used by both private and the public sector to recognise the importance for implementing costs. It is beneficial for larger companies to adopt this method as it will help management to overcome inefficiency. Zero based budgeting will allow for better planning so that every cost has its minimum requirements. Accordingly, this assists managers to measure performance and focuses on the future rather than the past. Therefore, it adheres to creating an organised environment where personnel can focus on achieving goals. As a result, information prepared will also help facilitate ranking to compare as to which areas are in need for improvement.

Despite many advantages, in order for a likely success depends on the commitment of management’s time and effort which can be very costly especially for the private sector.

Rolling budgets: explain advantages, disadvantages 214 words

Rolling budgeting is a system where budgets and forecasts are continuously updated every quarter control periods as information comes in, based upon the latest information about sales, operations, prices, performance and the strategy. These...

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