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Management and Leadership Essay

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Management and Leadership
MGT/230 Management Theory and Practice
Mary Jane Tytran

Management and leadership seem like they would have the same meaning, but in all reality, they are two very different terms.   A successful manager is not always a successful leader, and a leader does not necessarily have to be in management.   When a manager is both an effective leader and manager, great success in a company‚Äôs future will be achieved.   Leaders and managers have to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture in order for a company to strive.   There are many different paths and styles to take in order to achieve greatness within a company.
Management VS Leadership
Managers have a specific goal within a company; planning and organizing projects and operations, allocating resources to minimize costs and maximize benefits, directing practices and procedures, establishing controls to measure the effectiveness and efficiencies, and motivating their subordinates (Bateman & Snell, 2012).   Managers have to make sure all policies and procedures are being followed, and they are being followed correctly.   A manager has employees, or subordinates in which they delegate tasks to, they react to change, they have good ideas, they communicate, they direct groups, they are focused, and they have power over their people.   Leaders on the other hand are just the opposite.   Leadership is a more of an abstract way to achieve goals (Leadersdirect, 2012).   Leaders have followers, they create change, they implement ideas, they persuade instead of communicate, they create teams, they take responsibility, they create shared focus and they develop power with people.  
Managers do things by the book, following established rules, regulations, and policies.   Leaders tend to think outside of the box.   They follow their instincts and take risks.   Managers do not take risks.   Leaders have the power to motivate their followers while managers control their subordinates and do more...

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