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Managing A Crisis Essay

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Managing A Crisis
Correia Lange
University of Phoenix
MKT 438- Public Relations
Professor Paula Zobisch
October 18, 2010

      Upon the completion of the simulation Managing A Crisis using Public Relations, one will be able to summarize the following. What does proactive planning mean. What feedback mechanism would one develop in the situation? An explanation on what is an ineffectual way of deploying the plan. Provided will be some examples of what not to do in the situation. One will also add when is a crisis management plan needed and when to use a reactive crisis management. Last, will explain what role does PR play in reactive crisis management.
Managing a Crisis Using PR
Public Relations are the proactive communication that an organization initiates and maintains with the media, its clients, and key internal and external publics. PR provides an organization various tools that can be used to support brand building, research attitudes of consumers, and influence key publics. This simulation illustrates the use of Public Relations to develop a Public Relations plan and to use its various tools to manage a crisis (UOP, 2010).
PR Planning

      Being a new company, Greenergy has to establish everything from the ground up. As Public Relations Manager, one’s first task is to formulate a PR plan that will encompass all relevant aspects of corporate communications. In addition to strategy, one will decide how to communicate with key publics. One’s choice of strategy and combination of communication tools will determine how successful one is as a PR professional (UOP, 2010).
Proactive Planning
A proactive plan needs to be in place before any crisis occurs.   At Greenergy, the proactive plan included having the most knowledgeable employees to handle a crisis. This included that employees have the proper training and equipment necessary to handle such a crisis. As PR manager one chose to be honest to the internal publics...

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