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Manual Handling Aids Essay

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Personal Statement
Commonly sued manual handling aids
Slide Sheet
These sheets are slip-resistant, friction free material sheets which are placed under a person to enable 2 carer (one on either side) to move   them easily. They move I none direction only so that a Service User can be moved up the bed or the chair and will not slide down again.
Safety factors :
  * Ensure material is not wrinkled under the client as this is uncomfortable and may cause pressure sores to develop
  * One way slide sheets should not be left in place for too long, again to prevent pressure sores developing
  * Ensure slide sheet is of an appropriate size for the Service User
Transfer Board
These are smooth surfaced solid boards, tapered at either end , to assist sideways transfers e.g. from bed to chair. They are used independently by the Service User or with minimal assistance.
Safety factors:
  * Service User needs upper trunk stability to use these safely.
  * Fingers can be trapped under the board
  * Ensure wooden boards are not splintered or have rough edges
  * Surfaces should be at same level to make transfers safer
  * Ensure safe working load in not exceeded
  * Carer should ensure they do not twist when assisting with a transfer to avoid injury to themselves.
Handling Belts
These are usually made of an adjustable fabric or cushioned material secured around the Service User’s waist with a buckle clip. They give support to the Service User and unsure the carer adopts a suitable position. The belt has handles on it in varying directions to give the carer a firm grip.
Safety factors:
  * They are not lifting belts are only supportive and to give the Service User confidence. The carer should not take any of their weight.
  * Ensure correct size is used
  * Do not ‘drag’ the Service User to standing position, only support them
  * Do not use on someone with an abdominal wound as they may be uncomfortable.

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