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Marijuana Essay

  • Submitted by: sbesso23
  • on November 10, 2010
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Imagine the United States of America where our police and court systems were more efficient and had more time to spend handling serious problems in our society, a society where revenue is taken from criminals and terrorists then given to our government.   The society I am describing is one, which could provide a source of medication for cancer patients; this could be a possible, and very viable solution with the legalization of marijuana.   The cost of prohibiting marijuana is far greater than its negative effects.   Recent statistics taken by the U.S. government reveal, “Nearly 80 million Americans have smoked marijuana” (NORML).   I believe that marijuana users are not a part of our nation's crime problem, and it’s not fair that our country still treats them like criminals.
The issue of marijuana is not a new topic in any regard. In fact, it has been reoccurring throughout the history of the United States.   It started with the Marihuana Tax, which is the first law to make possession illegal.   This law was enacted in 1937 by president F.D. Roosevelt (NORML).   We can see this policy was accompanied with strong support by Hollywood films, which depicted the substance very negatively.   America also adopted the Spanish name for the plant, marijuana, to produce a negative connotation due to national attitudes towards Mexico in that era (Answers.com).  
Since 1937 our country has taken an even more aggressive stance towards marijuana.   This is clearly evident in the laws, and classification of the plant.   To understand how our justice system views marijuana it is important to known how marijuana is classified in the United States.   Illegal substances are categorized by a system known as scheduling.   Scheduling ranks from one to five, one being what the federal government feels are the most dangerous drugs, with no medical purposes, and five being the least dangerous.   The Drug Enforcement Agency deemed “Marijuana as a schedule one drug, along with PCP, opium, LSD and...

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