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Marketing Essay

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1. Why is Rank Xerox considering the introduction of "green" line of copying machine? What are the internal and external factors influencing this decision?
Ans. Environmental awareness was the emerging concept in Europe and was becoming a major political and business priority.   European countries as well as European community set out to develop new environmental legislation and regulations. Environmental performance was becoming a major competitive factor in these markets. The consumers on the other hand were demanding more environmentally responsible behavior from the companies they bought their products from. And so Xerox was considering introduction of “green" line of copying machine.
The internal and external factors influencing the decision were:
  1) Customer:   There was insufficient data on customer acceptance on recycled parts. The only customer information available to Xerox was that of some focus groups in Canada. Can Canadian information be transferable to European market?
  2) Communication Strategy: The question was whether or not unifies the positioning of Xerox and how to communicate this internally in the company and externally in the market. Whatever communicated internally could not be in contradiction to the message to the customers.
  3) Customer Acceptance: It was unknown how the customers would respond to the new product categorization. Although the concept of green was revolutionary and would allow Xerox to capitalize on being first in the market with this concept but if the things went wrong it also exposed the company with the public dismay and unknown liabilities.
  4) National regulations: Language differences created terminology problems. The word recycling had different legal definition in different countries. Some languages have limited vocabulary to describe various forms of environmental efforts.
  5) Pricing policy: Xerox was not able to calculate the exact manufacturing cost of the...

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