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Marketing for Energy Drink Essay

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The potential target market has been segmented on demographic and psychographic factors.   Our primary consumer target is uper income social class who is fond of carbonated drinks and are not at all price sensitive. This goups is further segmented according to flavour preferences. It is expected that   this group will constitute 80% of the sales. the secondary consumers have been segmented according to sporty lifestyle. This inculdes   athletes who oftenly purchase enegry drinks. As this group is less substantial, it shall constitute 20% of our sales.
why we are primarily targeting high income groups?
-distictive: it is the niche market which has not been captured by the local competitors who focus on mass marketing
-communicable: the target market is substantial and can be approachable (through famous superstores, lifestyle magazines, famous cooking shows)
-profitable: high price will in return turn out to be profitable for the company
-superior: from the content to the pakaging, high quality has been focused.
-important: growing demand of carbonated drinks
As our target market   consists of high income group, our product will be positioned in 'more for more' price. High price will automatically signal high quality carbonated and flavoured water being offered   (This is becuase pakistani min-set associates low price with low quality of the product). Also, our product is competing with the international brand   'Perrier'. price set would be lower than the international brands but high enough to match the premium quality we shall provide. Therefore, the competitive advantage would be: variety of different flavours, premium quality and slightly lower price than competitor's (international)
Energy drink that we shall launch after a year will be focused more on the sporty and adventurous consumers. It will portray the image of health benefical drink which will boost energy level during sporty activities.

customer analysis for...

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