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Marketing In Action Case Essay

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Marketing in Action Case
Integrated Media Measurements Inc. also known as IMMI uses existing technologies to measure broadcast audiences in a new way.   This is very successful but is facing problems and is stuck in a position where decisions have to be made.   The decisions they have to make are simple but somewhat difficult to accomplish.   They have a research method that isn’t very successful.   They only attract audible media, not internet or print. They have to find a way to attract people in ways where they feel comfortable with their privacy and they feel like it will not get invaded.   They need to make a point to prove to the people that they will and are not trying to invade their privacy in any sort of way.   So basically the decision is trying to figure out what they are going to do in the future and ways to replenish their panelist when there 2 year participation ends.
The major factors that are important in understanding this decision situation is getting into the peoples head and finding out their limit of privacy and finding other ways to track different methods to attract the people as well. So starting off with the privacy, if people are concerned that the company might record their phone conversations there is a problem.   So like I said earlier find the limits of what the customers think is the limit of privacy.   Test the waters as they say, try different ideas to approach them in those situations.   Another important factor is the target market because they have a limit in which they recruit which is ages between 13-54.   Those are the major factors that are important in understanding the decision situation.
The basic and most important decision I recommend is to find better ways to display the information and advertise it in specific ways that match to the teens and adults.   Ways to do that is to find out what the teens use to find out information the most.   Personally as a young adult I use the communication website called Facebook.   Facebook is...

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