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Marriage Essay

  • Submitted by: humble2148
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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      I learned being in love is not a good enough reason to get married. In order to make a marriage work I needed a few important qualities that I should be willing to instill in the relationship. What is Love? What is Trust? What is communication?   Learning how to communicate; learning to show and give love and learning to trust is something I knew nothing about.   Those qualities are just a few ways to insure a healthy and happy marriage. At first glance, I thought being married was supposed to be one of the most exciting and sacred time in my life; however, Marriage is not only communicating, loving and trusting each other, there are a lot of things that go along with that.   I never thought about where I was going to live, whether I was compatible with someone, if they would be financially able to support me and a family, I was very naive to the understanding of what a marriage was all about. (thesis)

      At the age of sixteen I was very mature for my age and I met the man I would one day be married to. I had just moved from Benton Harbor, Michigan to Chicago, Illinois, with my mom.   I was excited to be in the big Chi-town, which is what we called Chicago. I had lived in Chicago a long ago so I knew it could be a fun place to.

      It was a hot summer day in 1980 on a Friday evening when I found myself at a house party looking around watching everyone on the dance floor enjoying themselves, it was dark inside with glowing flashing party lights hanging from the ceiling and everyone was having a really good time. When I was younger I loved R&B music a lot.   The music was very loud and the place was crowded, I had never seen so many people in one place at the same time before. All of a sudden I hear this soft deep voice come up from behind me out of nowhere and say, “Would you like to dance? I felt butterflies, I was very shy and reluctant to answer but politely replied no and said to the gentleman,” I don’t know how to dance, but if you lead me I...

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