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Mars Essay

  • Submitted by: wondahland
  • on November 25, 2012
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London by bus
From a distance I see my bus approaching, it’s ‘so called’ number plate highlighting the number 29. Routing from Wood Green to Trafalgar Square, the 29 bus is the most popular bus which transits people from North London to Central London, and oh what a transition it is. The doors swing open, my feet are trampled on several times, the oyster card beeper thingy goes off, and the friendly invisible lady announces ’29 - to - Trafalgar Square’. And away we go!
Over 8 million people cohabit in London, with around 2 billion bus journeys taking place every year. So that’s 2 billion times £2.30 which makes – oh lord Arriva are making a profit aren’t they?   Never the less, buses are great. £2.30 is kinda steep, but it’s better than paying those ridiculous petrol prices nowadays.
So I’ve passed Wood Green, Turnpike Lane, Green Lanes, and now I’m in Manor House. This is where the area gets a little more – adequate. As I stare through the cloudy breathalysed misty windows, I giggle at the site of a chicken and chip shop called ‘TFC, Tennessee Fried Chicken’. Copyright much?
Most of the passengers get on between Finsbury Park and Camden, and unless you have a decent seat, and when I say decent I mean not sitting next to an old woman picking her nose while also giving away a whiff of body odour, then prepare to be crushed by the powers of a crammed bus.   I do have a decent seat, of course.
So now the bus is chock-a-block. I hear slight muttering from a crowd of middle aged women sitting in front of me, but it takes me a minute to realise that that’s because the bus isn’t moving. I perk my head up. Two teenage girls have attempted to get on the bus without paying an adult fare and the bus driver is not happy. While they squabble about the ‘rules of the bus’, another 29 overtakes us. Typical. These 29 buses work like a flock of sheep, one after another. But I guess that’s a positive.
After the two slightly embarrassed girls are kicked off the bus, the journey...

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