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Mars Research Paper

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In the year 1911, Frank C. Mars began the first MARS confectionary

company in Tacoma Washington. The first attempt at the company was small selling

butter cream candies. In 1920 Mars relocates himself to Minnesota where the “Nougat

House” was born. The candies that was produced for this company were called the”

Patricia chocolates,” the name deriving from his daughter. It was not until the year 1923

after many trial and errors, that Mars created the “Milky Way” and became a top selling


                        Once the Milk Way bar bumped their sales up to a seven hundred and

ninety three thousand dollar increase, they were able to hire a full time staff. His son

Forrest E. Mars decides to go into partnership with his father in 1929. Frank C. Mars

passes way in the year 1934 allowing his son to continue to run the business. In the year

1941 the M&M’s candy was then created.

                        Forest E. Mars decides to retire by the year 1969. The accomplishments

that he was know for were the Snickers bar, “Chappie” canned dog food, and

experimenting with radio advertising. Directors and family members continue to run the

company in his absence being that MARS is a private owned company. Paul S. Michaels

is president of the MARS global Management team that controls all six of their business

segments. In addition MARS has global advisors that deal with public policy,

geopolitical, macroeconomic issues and trends.

                        In the MARS Company there are six business segments; Pet care,

Chocolate, Food, Wrigley, Drinks and Symbioscience. The Pet Care segment has the

highest career rate employing thirty three thousand people across the country. The

Chocolate segment comes in next with fifteen thousand employed across nineteen

countries. The Wrigley segment is responsible for employing seventeen thousand across

forty eight countries. The Food...

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