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Martina Mcbride Essay

  • Submitted by: losersndorks4eva
  • on November 14, 2010
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“My Baby Loves Me”
“My baby loves Me” By Martina McBride, is a love song about her celebration of love. This song conveys joy and hope. This song seems like it is upbeat and has a catchy upbeat melody, I   think this song’s genre is Country, the language and the rhyming sounds Southern.
By the language and lyrics in this song Martina McBride’s lyrics are strong yet fun. This is a positive, motivational song. The woman in this song talks about how her lover loves her unconditionally and loves everything about her. Don’t need no copy of Vogue magazine,
Don’t need to dress like no beauty queen. High heels or sneakers, he don’t give a damn.” This first stanza is powerful, because it is saying her lover will take her just how she is, there is no need to impress him, just the way she is she is perfect to him.
The rhyme scheme in her song where every last word rhymes, shows a fun, jolly rhythm. I picture Martina McBride’s voice to be strong, powerful, edgy, and aggressive at the same time. Her song doesn’t necessarily tell a story, but I believe it conveys an emotion without telling the full story. Her point of this song is telling the world her lover loves her just the way she is, nobody and nothing can change that, which is why believe she would sing this song with aggression. This song is upbeat ,fast pace and jolly because of the genre, Country, because a rhyme scheme is very popular in modern day Country and Pop songs.

“And when there’s dark clouds in my eyes, He just sits back and lets ‘em roll on by. I come in like a lion, go out like a lamb. My baby loves me just the way that I am.My baby loves me just the way that I am.” This stanza, expresses how it doesn’t matter what mood she’s in, her loves tolerates her and sticks with her through thick and thin. “I come in like a lion, go out like a lamb.” demonstrates how he calms her down. She goes in angry, rough and she comes out being calm, her lover keeps her sane and calm. The repitition in almost every...

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