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Marxist View Essay

  • Submitted by: naijadiva
  • on November 17, 2010
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Examine some of the ways in which Marxists explain crime

Marxist approach views society as a whole system that is in conflict. The conflicts is between two opposing groups and streams from the contradictions in capitalism. Marxist sees law and crime arising out of the structure of capitalism. In their view, the inequality of wealth and power that underpins capitalist society, and the conflict to which inequality gives rise, are key factors to understand laws crime and deviance

According to the traditional Marxism, they see capitalist society as divided into two classes: the ruling capitalist class (bourgeoisie) who own the means of production and the working class (proletariat) who’s alienated labour the bourgeoisie exploits to produce profit.
  For traditional Marxists, the structure of capitalist society explains crime. Their view has 3 elements which are criminogenic capitalism, the state and law making, the ideological functions of crime and law
    For Marxists, crime is inevitable in capitalism because capitalism is criminogenic-by its very nature it causes crime capitalist is based on the exploitation of the working class that is using them as a means to make profit, whatever the human cost of doing so. It is therefore particularly damaging to the working class give rise to crime: poverty may mean that crime is the only way the working class may survive or crime may be the only way they can obtain the consumer goods encouraged by capitalist advertising, resulting in utilitarian crimes such as theft
  However crime is not confined to the working class. Capitalism is a dog eats dog system of ruthless competition among capitalists, while profit motive encourage a mentality of greed and self interest.
David Gordon (1976) argues, crime is a rational response to capitalist system and hence it is found in all social classes-even through the official statistics make it appear to be a largely working class phenomenon
  Unlike functionalists, who see...

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