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Mass Media Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: nequassa
  • on November 25, 2012
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The mass media revolution, among other “historical forces” as Robert Jay Lifton in The Protean Self puts it, has “brought about the release of proteanism.”   Proteanism is one’s ability to adapt to change while all their mental and emotional capacities remain intact.   To refer to humans as being protean as Lifton does, is to suggest that we are highly complex creatures by nature.   We are ever changing and because of this power, we have remained resilient in the presence of forces that would otherwise destroy us by shattering or fragmenting the self.   The mass media revolution according to Lifton is one of the contributing forces to self fragmentation.   It is a force that not only affects the individual but society as a whole.   Media itself may not necessarily be the culprit as much as the messages that are transmitted through media. The positive aspect of media is that “vicarious participation” as Lifton suggests can allow “the observers self to be there, newly expanded and sensitized” (131).   It is also true that “Any one of us can, at any moment, have access to any image or idea originating anywhere in the contemporary world or from any cultural moment of the entire human past”(Lifton 131).   However, while we have this “Omni-access” according to Lifton, it is true that all that is negatively portrayed through media is instantly accessible as well.   Consider popular culture and the devastating effects that it has on individuals such as issues with body image, discrimination, drug abuse, promiscuity, crime and violence.   I suggest to you, that media, which is merely the vehicle through which data gets transmitted to the masses has helped send the messages of pop culture through various cable networks with MTV being the fore runner followed by VHI and BET.   The messages that these networks send to its audience about popular culture are some of the forces that humans especially the younger generation, have not always been able to combat without...

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