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Master Essay

  • Submitted by: wmiley
  • on November 25, 2012
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BEING IN MATRICSuddenly everyone knows what grade I’m in!   No-one noticed when I was in Grade 8 or Grade 10 but “now suddenly” everyone knows that I’m in Matric, Grade 12! | Previously, when I was lazy to study people used to say “Never mind when she is in Matric she’ll make more effort!”   or   “Wait until she is in Matric then she’ll catch a wake-up!”   Now | I’m finally in Matric and no one shows any “mercy”.   Even if I take a quick break after two hours of heavy duty solid learning people will say:   “Why aren’t you busy with your books?”   Or |
“You can’t afford to take it easy at this stage of the year!”Whenever I studied in the lower standards it was just me and the books…. But now that I’m in Matric I’m being asked:   “Shall I bring you an energy | drink?” or “How about a strong cup of coffee?”   I’m even being offered snacks while I study, a luxury I never qualified for in the lower grades! When I was in other grades no one ever no one | ever worried that I might “FAIL” !!! but now that I’m in Matric everyone is afraid of failure.   People think of matric   in terms of “pass or fail” but when you’re in Grade 5 or 7 people just |
“expect” you to pass!   They think its easy to pass in other grades but “some how” they think its hard to pass matric …? Well   Matric is no different from any other Grade and if you passed Grades 10 | and 11 there’s no reason why you won’t pass Grade 12!There’s just too much unnecessary hype about Matric!   Even the Newspapers and radio stations have to make an “issue” about us.   No | media outlet ever worried about us when we were in any   other grades, now suddenly they’re very interested in us!Why did they not offer us study guides and tips when we were in Grade 10?   |
But now suddenly every leaflet and pamphlet is full of guidelines of how to actually “study”…. Well let me tell them… we wouldn’t have got where we are and we wouldn’t be sitting in Matric | if we didn’t know how to study….. We’ve been studying for years but no one...

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