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Math Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Week Three Problems

Week Three Problems

Intro: Week three was very challenging for many of us. The homework took many hours to complete and there were several members with a variety of problems. Some of the challenges were what formula to use for the problem. Other problems ranged from knowing what sign to use and when to reduce to the lowest terms before getting the final correct answers.

  1. 3y+9 ÷ 3y+9 = 3y+9 * y+2
      5y+2     y+2       5y+2   3y+9

      3y+9 * y+2 = (3y+9)(y+2)
      5y+2   3y+9   (5y+2)(3y+9)

      Now use the commutative property, ab, = ba
      (3y+9)(y+2) = (y+2)(3y+9)
      (5y+2)(3y+9)   (5y+2)(3y+9)

      Now you can simplify
      (y+2)(3y+9) = y+2
      (5y+2)(3y+9)   5y+2

Why do you think they were more difficult than others?
There are many formulas for each problem and they were confusing on what formula to use on what problem.

What did you do to overcome this difficulty?
I had to go to the book, homework examples, show me how to solve this, students posts, and the facilitator’s examples to overcome the problems.

How did you arrive at a solution?
After several hours of reworking the problems and using all the resources available I could arrive at the solution.

2. Y is directly proportional to x and that y = (-75) when x=12. Complete parts (a) and (b).         Equation y=kx


solve for k
k= -25
use y=kx to find y when x =6. Replace k with
4 in the equation y=kx to obtain
-25 x

to find y let x = 6. The following steps finish the solution
y= - 25 * (6)
= - 75
4 multiply.

Why do you think they were more difficult than others?

The outlook was changed from what I have been doing which causes me anxiety and blocks my thinking. I can look at something that I have been doing and not recall what steps to take or what formula to use. I have to remember this is algebra not math there is no logic, a cut and dry answers to solve. Algebra is doing...

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