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Mattel, Inc Essay

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Mattel, Inc.
Mattel, Inc. with $5.2 billion in annual revenues is one of the world’s leaders in the design, manufacturer, and marketing of children’s toys.   The company’s major toy brands include Barbie, Fisher-price, Disney entertainment lines, Hot Wheels and matchbox car, Tyco Toys, American Girl, and Games.
In addition, Mattel promotes international sales by tailoring toys for specific international markets instead of simply modifying favorites from the U.S.   Mattel markets its products in more than 155 nations throughout the world.

Mattel 기업은 바비 인형 등을 만드는 미국의 세계적 장난감 회사. 미국 경제전문지 포브스가 선정한 신뢰받는 100대 미국 기업 중 하나다. 43개국에 직원만 3만 명이 넘는다. 150개국 이상에 수출한다. 자사 제품 생산에 엄격한 윤리 기준을 적용하는 것으로 유명하다.

1. History of Mattel
In 1945, Harold Matson and Elliot Handler combined their names and their ideas to from Mattel.   Although picture frames were the first Mattel product, Handler soon began making dollhouse furniture. Shortly thereafter, Matson sold out to Handler, who along with his wife, Ruth, expanded the Mattel product line. The company’s emphasis switched to toys due to the success of the dollhouse furniture.   Child-sized ukuleles, a patented music box, and variations on these products were Mattel’s “staple” business and the primary revenue generators in the 1950s and 1960s. The Burp guan, an automatic cap gun, was introduced in 1955, along with a “Mouseguitar”.   For the first time, a company had bought advertising to market toy year-around.

Replica rifles and guns that were prevalent on television during the 1950s followed the musical toy success. At the end of 1950s, Mattel made the move that would establish it at the forefront of the toy industry. After seeing her daughter’s fascination with cutout paper dolls, Ruth suggested that a three-dimensional doll should be produced so that young girl could live out her dreams and fantasies.   This doll was named “Barbie,” the nickname of Ruth and Elliot Handler’s daughter. Mattel went public in 1960 and within...

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