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Mbti Type Essay

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      My MBTI type is ENFP, which means Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perceiving. Before doing the MBTI test, I was only sure that I am extraverted and Feeling. But, I could not make a choice between sensing and intuition, judging and perceiving. Because I think sometimes I am very sensing, Experience is very important for me, always can find my own mistakes in experience. When finishing all the questions on the MBTI booklet, it became very clear that I am a intuitor. However, I was still not sure about if I am a perceiver. Finally, after comparing all the characteristics between perceiving and judging , and doing all the activities in class, I am very sure I am perceiver.
    I really enjoyed chatting with others, and I am very outgoing person. Also I love ideas more than hard facts and will be more imaginative than practical. I am an emotional person, easily influenced by emotions. And I do not like by the planning, I think perceivers organize their inner world to have outer world freedom. To sum up, I very strongly agree that my MBTI profile is ENFP.


  According to the MBTI profile, I am extrovert. First, I really enjoyed chatting with others and outgoing person. I really love make friends, sometimes even kids have a good relationship with me. Most of the time, when we stay together and chat, I can easily chat with my friend all day, even when we no topic will also can continue to chat. Also I am a very talkative person. I love to talk, and I love to share all the things I know and all of my experiences with my friends. There is a behavior supporting why I am extravert. When I first came to the United States, I always chat with my friends on the Internet. As long as I have free times, I always find different friend chat, whether it is morning or night. I just kept talking and did not stop. We all know that there is time difference, finally, they interrupted me and said they really needed to go to bed. I was sorry about that....

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