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Mean of the Life Essay

  • Submitted by: refgdgn
  • on November 24, 2012
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It is difficult to describe the true meaning of one's life, but we can learn that from human happiness and love. From the story of Genesis, Gilgamesh and The Death of Ivan Ilyich, I think the reason of Gilgamesh became the hero is the love between Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Additionally the loss of significant love was the root cause of his despair and resentment of death. In story of The Death of Ivan Ilyich, the Ivan Ilyich was surrounded with love, but he didn't notice until he faced death.
First, Tablet I of Gilgamesh, epic described Gilgamesh as "The handsomest of men", "arrogant" and "brutal" in details. At this time, Gilgamesh was superior to others, and no one can stand against him. As he became the King, nothing could make him fear. He likes to play his power and suffer his people in order to make himself happy. At the time Enkidu appeared, he was similarly mighty as Gilgamesh, and was given wisdom by Gods. One day, the two God's met and began to fight, while fighting they appreciated each other and fell in love immediately. Gilgamesh, a theme of the myth was presented for the first time. The Gods could be moody, and could be tyrants. However, once the Gods had human nature, they will follow the human desires and responsibilities and fear. From this perspective, Gilgamesh became a real human and hero after met Enkidu. Gilgamesh was very happy, and he had everything he wanted. Unfortunately, there is a tragedy happen to Enkidu. Death of Enkidu gave him a fear of death because he was afraid of losing everything. He turned his attentions to explore the mysteries of death. It was clear that after he lost his love Enkidu, he was living a more of a hell like place and unhappy, so that he attempts to transcend death to eternal happiness.
Second, the story of The Death of Ivan Ilyich begins with Ivan Ilyich colleagues’ discussion. His colleagues discussed the news about Ivan’s death. In Ivan's life, he always pays attention to the external etiquette and elegance...

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