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Measuring Acid Reactions Essay

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Measuring acid reactions

This experiment review will show how different each acid reaction is different from each other. There were two different experiments; one measures the temperature of the reaction and the other measures the pH level. The reaction can be endothermic or exothermic. The differences between them are simple; exothermic puts out energy which makes it warm to touch. As for endothermic the reactions pulls in energy and makes it cold to touch. The other experiment measured the pH level in the reaction. The reaction consisted of sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid also to see at which point the reaction becomes neutralized. Neutralization is a reaction between an acid and a base forming a salt and water even tho you can’t see the salt due to the salt dissolving into the solution and the pH level of the reaction around level 7 and has a green sometimes yellow colour when the universal indicator is added. The neutralization gap shows how small the gap is to make the reaction neutral. It looks like a stretched out “S” and the neutralization point is near the middle when the curve starts to rise.

This is the neutralization curve in the middle is the neutral point.

experiment 1
the goal for the first experiment is to show and collect the data of three different mixtures of acids and bases. We are looking to find wether the reaction is exothermic or endothermic.

Experiment 2:
the aim for this experiment is to record the pH level of a sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid reaction. Then record it into the graph, it should resemble the standard neutralization curve, as shown under the introduction.

what you will need for both experiments:
Experiment 1:
    ➢ 20g baking soda
    ➢ 20g citric acid
    ➢ 2 cm strip of magnesium
    ➢ 50 ml of 5M HCl acid
    ➢ 50 ml measuring cylinder
    ➢ Thermometer probe

Experiment 2

    ➢ 50 ml 5M NaOH base solution
    ➢ Universal indicator...

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