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Meditations On First Philosophy Summery And Respo Essay

  • Submitted by: oxrevxo
  • on November 13, 2010
  • Category: Psychology
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This reading was both interesting and kind of confusing, but I did enjoy it. The meditations   really encouraged me think. Descartes begins the reading with talking about having grown up with   opinions he did not form himself and wanting to starting with a fresh mindset like letting go, and making his own thoughts and opinions. He speaks of not believing everything   you hear and how you can be deceived by what is reality. He wanted to wait until he was   mature enough to understand the concepts around him. He speaks of   thinking things are wrong because of someone else’s opinions is not always a truth.   He wants to find solid evidence   for what is truth. Finding his belief from each opinion he had learned would appear to take along time. Descartes talks of believing everything is true can be misleading and that your senses could mislead you. The reading also talks of him knowing that he is a man and dreams are dreams, but an insane person would see dreams as reality. Through out the reading he seems to doubt his existence.   Then he goes on to talk of how your body and   limbs really exists and dreams are an extent of reality that is really life like. He uses the example of paintings that are painted like still life’s and painters creating different colors.   Descartes talks of how reality   is formed in our conscious. He goes on to question the existence of God. He asks questions like is God just making   him see things, does God give him his thoughts and is it important to think about these things? His opinion that   his   thoughts are always in his mind making it hard to think of new opinion makes it easy for him to believe them and to deny the concepts how new thoughts. I feel that a lot of his thinking has to do with being skeptic about the world around him. The meditation ends with him speaking of fear and   believing his learned opinions. I found this interesting because when we are young it does appear that are parents opinions and ways of raising us does have an...

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