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Memo #1: Vanguard Essay

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Vanguard is a mutual funds leader in the investment industry. Much of Vanguard’s success is derived from a clear focus regarding the type of customer they have decided to serve and the differentiated products available to these target clients. In addition, Vanguard’s strong leadership has allowed the company to maintain a clear identity and focus which has allowed it to weather various challenges.
An analysis of Vanguard’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, target markets, and competition follows below offering insight into the company regarding their position as of July 20, 2004.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat Analysis (SWOT)
The Vanguard Group offers a unique low cost product to customers who are interested in long term investing in mutual funds. Vanguard’s model has been successful primarily to the type of customer they target. This focus, however, has uncovered some weaknesses, potential opportunities, and threats that need to be managed by Vanguard in order to increase their current market share.
Vanguard’s greatest strength is their clear and specific definition of the type of customer they want to serve. Vanguard focuses on serving two types of customers: internal customers (employees) and external customers. John Brennan, Vanguard Chairman and CEO, has deliberately and carefully built a culture based on the organization’s values and clear and appropriate compensation leveraged at managing their internal clients.
Vanguard offers a clear identity to its employees. Named after the command ship of Lord Nelson’s Armada, Vanguard reinforces this nautical theme in various ways. Its campus is arranged in the shape of a ship containing a cafeteria known as “The Galley.” Working together for the benefit of the company, Vanguard’s employees, or “crew members,” belong to multifunctional teams tasked with proposing solutions to existing problems. In essence, Vanguard employees must work together to keep...

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