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Memoirs Essay

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Running head: MEMOIRS                                                                                                               1

Memoirs of Me

Tameka James


Yelena Gidenko

Memoirs           2

        A. Who is Tameka James

              a. Born in Chicago Heights

              b. Raised in Maywood and Elgin Illinois

              c. Mother

        B. Family History

              a. Big family.

              b. Family of healthcare workers.

              c. Middle child in my adopted and birth family.

        C. Childhood memories

              a. Family vacations

              b. Holidays

              c. High school

              d. Church

        D. Future

              a. Buy a house

              b. Be successful

              c. Start a family business

              d. Financial stability

              e. Health

Memoirs 3

Memoirs of Me

      The past three years have been tough as I struggled to get my health on the right track.   I have seen the face of sarcoidosis, hypertension, and diabetes at a young age. I have to admit that for once I was afraid to die.   After having to endure these things along with daily life I came to the conclusion that when it was my time to die; all I wanted was to be remembered.   I don’t want a sad funeral where everyone would be sobbing over a casket that I lay in and that be their last memory of me.   I want the memory of me be one that is celebrated.   Throughout this paper I would like to provide you a little bit of information about me, and although we might not ever meet hopefully something in this paper will help you create your own memory of me.

      I was born in Chicago Heights to my birth mother Rosemary, and shortly after my birth I was placed into the foster care system because my birth mother could not...

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