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Miami Story Essay

  • Submitted by: gladiolasflower
  • on November 8, 2010
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Miami Story

              "It is beautiful", I said blissfully to my husband Oscar.
Its summer 2002, an usual humid tropical day caused by a warm air rising over the place. My skin touched by the warmth of the sun is giving me a bit of sensitivity. Reaching for my huge yellow white striped straw bag next to my husband’s feet, I pulled out the sun lotion that was buried underneath the snacks and water bottles. I lotioned my   fair European skin to avoid a sunburn.  
"Let’s go inside the water for a swim, it looks so inviting”, Oscar said, a tall, dark skinned with black short hair, Latin man standing right next to me, in his navy blue snug fitting swim shorts.
"I am not so sure about it . I don't like to get surprised   by a shark, anyway, we don't   know what's out there waiting for us", I replied with a bit of anxiety in my voice; while spreading out our fluffy cream colored towels upon the sand, we claimed along the beach that was miles long. Looking along the beach I received a felling of seeing   into an endless tube. My hands, touching the sand for the first time, and letting it trickle between my fingers, a wonderful, calm and pleasant feeling came over me. How clean and fine it looks, feeling almost like powder.
"You are so silly, you know to get   surprised by any shark we need to swim farther out to the ocean,” he replied with a chuckle "I'll promise you, we will stay close to the shore". At a glance   at my husband , I could see sweat beats developing on his   body especially on his forehead .
“How about we check out   how cold the water is, " I suggested
"Thats fine with me," said Oscar  
He took me by his hand and we started walking barefoot down to the shoreline. The sand underneath my feet is sifting between my toes and on some parts it feels warm and pleasant.
I look around and notice the beach is filled with visitors of all ages. Kids are racing their peers with loud excited laughter down to the water, younger children trying to build...

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