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Microsoft Word Essay

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Venue Revenue

Project Description:
In the following Mastering Excel assessment, you will complete a workbook for the Director of Conventions, Culture, and Leisure, which shows revenue estimates for city-owned venues for conventions, cultural events, and leisure activities and their associated parking structures.

For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:
Step | Instructions | Points Possible |
1 | Start Excel. Open the downloaded file named 2H_Venue_Revenue. | 1 |
2 | In cell A1, type Golden Grove Venue Revenue Projection and then Merge and Center the text across A1:F1. Change the Font to Cambria, change the Font Size to 16, and then apply a Fill Color of Olive Green, Accent 3 (seventh column, first row).In cell A3, type Year. In cell B3, enter the year 2008, and then from B3:F3 increment the year by 1 in each cell so that the entire range displays the values 2008 to 2012. | 20 |
3 | In cell A4, type Projected Growth Rate. In the range C4:F4, type the following percentages: 3.75%, 3.00%, 4.50%, 4.25%. | 14 |
4 | Format the width of column A to 200 pixels and the widths of columns B:F to 100 pixels. In the range A6:B11, enter the following data (text values in column A and numeric values in column B:Parking                                                   1667164Convention Center                                   4332835Golf Course                                             1585242Science and Industry Museum                   310524Golden Gardens                                       185927Golden Grove Amphitheatre                     143589 | 14 |
5 | In cell C6, enter the formula =B6*(100%+$C$4) to calculate the projected 2009 increase over 2008. In cell D6, for the year 2010, construct a similar formula using the previous year’s revenue (C6) and the Projected Growth Rate in cell D4 (Hint: make cell D4 an absolute reference). Construct similar formulas for the years 2011 and 2012 using...

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