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Mind Body Medicine Essay

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Fall Quarter 2012 Prospectus
Mind Body Medicine

1 The Situation

We are going to spend the next two quarters, as a learning community, exploring the ways people create health through mindbody experience and practice As a part of this process, we think it is appropriate that you pose a genuine, interesting problem or question about an issue that you deem appropriate to the program. This area of inquiry will be thematically connected to the 4-16 credit independent work you do through the program in the winter. You will still complete a prospectus as an academic assignment even if you choose to take all 4 modules in the program in the winter.
This problem or question will require a good amount of library research and your own analytical skills to answer so should be a question that can sustain your passion and interest for twenty weeks.   In answering this question, you will begin to acquire the skills that are at the heart of an Evergreen education:   articulating your own learning and communicating effectively.

During fall quarter, you will develop a prospectus, which is described below. You could deepen your understanding of a topic we will cover in the program or explore a topic that you feel we won’t have time to discuss.   The arena of choice is large, but here are some ideas to get you going:

What is the relationship between daily practice and health prevention/promotion?   How is this being implemented in community projects globally?

How is yoga being implemented as a therapeutic practice in healthcare settings?

What mindbody practices are being implemented in community AIDS clinics nationally; (in preparation to do an internship with AIDS locally)?

Whatever your choice, it should be married to your own sense of wonder and curiosity and thematically relate to your topic of independent work for the winter:   music therapy, yoga and PTSD, medicinal botany, etc.


2 Fall Quarter:   the Prospectus

A "prospectus" is an incisive and...

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