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Mini Auto Biography Essay

  • Submitted by: rightous1
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Larry Zechariah Calaway was born January 26,1999 to Christina Lee Calaway and James Joseph Calaway.   In Larry’s early life he was very family oriented .   Just like most other children Larry loved to run, laugh, and play.   Although Larry’s parents got divorced when he was only 4 years old, Larry still sees his dad and his dads side of the family on occasion.   Larry loves his siblings.   He has an older half sister named Marilynn who is currently going through her senior year and lives with our father.   Another sibling loved by Larry would be his older brother named George. George is just finishing his senior year and lives with their mom.
Next is a completely different list of things that Larry loves …his accomplishments.   Like all others in his 8th grade class, he has completed kindergarten and finished grade school.   He has attended and learned from various martial art studios, dojo’s, and places of practice and achieved many belts and uniforms.   He has completed 1year of a violin strings class and a year of viola strings class.   After performing in various bands in school and professionally he is   now knowledgeable about: strings, notes, scales, brands, bodies, finishes, necks ,heads, and prices of different bass guitars .   He is   bilingual in that he can read music, play music, write music and speak ‘musician’ .
Finally, something that he holds near and dear to his heart… music. Larry attended   Mr. Mores chorus in 4th grade at Rancho Santa Fe elementary school.   Larry is currently in Mr. Legge’s 8th grade band,   jazz band,   festival band and has been in his 6th and 7th grade band and jazz band as well. “Last Cinco de mayo I played a concert in my band called Bay6“ Larry always exclaims proudly.   Every day since then he’s been practicing   bass guitar and has been advancing with each song that he plays.

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