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Miss Essay

  • Submitted by: powellem10
  • on November 18, 2013
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Commenting closely on the writing of your chosen section, show how it contributes to the sense of terror in “Out of the Blue”
Armitage presents and develops terror in many different ways and whether that is through stylistic technique, language, form or structure, it deeply effects the reader. I will explore how he does this and if he does it effectively.
Fear is presented straight away in the first stanza by imagery of the twin towers being calm and still and fear effects everyone afterwards. The first line “The silent prongs of a tuning fork, testing the calm.” is short and includes caesura and end stopping which causes an eerie emphasis on the image created of the twin towers like a tuning fork. The two prongs are symbolic of the twin towers and what else is illustrated in this is that when a tuning fork is hit, the vibrations travel through the instrument which could represent the twin towers when they are hit. This image could also imply that everyone else is affected by the aftershock of the bombing just like how the vibration travel around the instrument, which is shown by the media coverage in different companies and airports being shut in England. The structure of the line creates suspense as when he describes the tuning fork it is a long line, them the line afterward “testing the calm.” is short and with a lot of pauses it creates a sense of anticipation with what is to come. The mention of the word “calm” creates tension; the reader knows something will happen. But keeping the structure controlled will only cause more anticipation and more fear when the tone starts to contrast with the panic portrayed in section five and collectively throughout the poem, which is caused by the planes colliding with the towers. The structure of this stanza shows different forms of terror panic and fear however, it does cause the reader suspense and maybe the slight feeling of fear for the victims.
Contrastingly, Armitage attempts to show fear by personifying objects...

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