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Mission And Analysis Of Acme Manufacturing

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HRM 6632
ACME, Phase I

Executive Summary
The corporate values most important to ACME Manufacture are quality safety, quality of work life, and innovation.   Quality safety is Value 1.   Value 1 was used in the policy decision to put less weight on education and more weight on experience in Job Family A.   In Job Family A, value 1 was not used to make any policy decisions.   Value 2 is Quality of work life.   Value 2 was used in the decision to weight working conditions so heavily in Job Family A and not so heavily in Job Family B.   Value 3 is innovation.   Job Family B was most affected by this value.   The policy decision to weigh compensable category skill at 50% for Job Family B was a direct effect of value 3.

Mission and Analysis

It is the mission of ACME Tire Manufacture to provide tires for most passenger vehicles.   We will accomplish this mission by providing safe, affordable, reliable, and technologically innovative products at the lowest possible cost to our customers more swiftly than anyone else in the industry.

Who is the primary client?
The primary clients of ACME are wholesalers, distributors, retailers, discount retailers, warehouse clubs, and independent dealers.

What are the clients needs?
The clients of Acme Tire need affordable, safe, durable, reliable tires that perform well in extreme conditions that can be delivered more swiftly than our closest competitors.

How is your organization uniquely qualified and dedicated to meet client needs?
We are committed to providing our employees an equal opportunity workplace that is stable, fair, and where intellectual curiosity is encouraged.   At ACME, the company vision is shared with each employee to foster a sense of everyone working in the same direction.   The company expects employees to take the initiative in identifying problems and solving them.   We will use new and innovative research and development to ensure that the highest quality products are delivered to our customers at...

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