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Module 5 Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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module 5Child Growth & Development: Ages and Stages
Module 1 Assessment Handout

Diversity in the Classroom
Children start developing their attitudes about others and themselves by the age of two. Providers and teachers can have a powerful positive influence on those attitudes. In your activities and classroom you should provide multicultural, non-stereotyping materials and activities that will:
  * Support each child’s sense of self and family
  * Teach children to accept and appreciate differences and similarities between people, and
  * Help children understand beliefs and customs different from their own.
Not all materials produced for children are appropriate. Be especially careful with materials that are more than ten years old. Throw out negatively stereotyped images and stories. Look for materials that correctly and appropriately portray diversity to expand children’s understanding.
There are many types of learning materials that can help increase children’s awareness of other people and to be more comfortable with their own heritage.

Does Your Program Have:
None | Some | A Lot | |
| | yes | Books, pictures and materials accurately depicting men, women, and children of different family structures, races, cultures, ages, abilities, and occupations living in their daily lives and solving problems. |
| | yes | Puzzles, pictures and toys representing various cultures, abilities, and non-traditional male and female occupations. |
no | | | Music from various cultures. |
no | | | Pictures representing a diversity of cultures and gender roles. |
| | yes | Dramatic play materials encouraging a variety of gender play and role playing of persons in other cultures or with differing abilities. |
| | yes | Male and female dolls representing a diversity of race, cultures, and abilities. |
| | yes | Opportunities for children to experience a variety of languages in spoken, song, or written form, including Braille and...

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