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Monte Cristo Essay

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  • on November 9, 2010
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Monte Cristo

  Alexander Dumas informatively portrays how Edmond Dantes transformed into the Count of Monte Cristo.

        Edmond Dantes is a friendly, passionate young man. He was just respectively promoted to captain of ‘The Pharaon”, a ship in Marsielles. He has a very loving fiancee`awaiting his arrival so they could go off and get married. And he has a patient father.

          His employment on the ship entitled him to twovery frienldy, helpful accomponists. Danglars and Villefortboth had a rightious lob to fufil and both were incredibly jealous of him. They wanted his job position and they wanted his money.

      Not long after the wedding ceremony started, five armed soldiers entered and commanded his arrest. The two arrogant, comtemptuous men had set him up on a lie. So that they could steal his money and his wife.

      While in jail, he met a man that was said to have gone mentally mad. Abbe` Faria then explained to him how he was wrong and carefully drew out a mental picture of his brilliant enemy’s plan and how they constructed it.

    After hearing this dispairing information about the plan, he could do no more that evening but retreat to his chambers and fall motionless and mute onto his cold hard bed. Staring coldly at the ceiling, and looking as lifeless as a statue. The transformation had begun.

        Revenge was then planted in his mind like an oak tree in the ground. His friend and father figure had passed and through his passing he found away to escape   out of prison. Once it was done ,he went around finding those responsible for his enprisonmentand let the darkest plans and thoughts take place in the midst of all his enemys. Edmond Dantes was never the same man again.

        The Dantes that used to glide proudly and humbly will never glide or prance again. As soon as he begun to fall onto his hard cold bed, was when he started to transform. He went from being a   playful, bantering young man. To a incisively,...

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