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Monty Python Essay

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The movie began with the King of the Britons who is named Arthur, he is in search of kings willing to sit with him at Camelot. He finds a lot of men one brave the other no so brave and not so quiet while the other is quiet. When they travel they pretend to ride horses while there servants bang coconuts to make it seem like there riding coconuts. After a whole lot of sarcastic weird and funny events that include awful singing and dancing they find Camelot and decide to no longer go there. While walking this God cartoon figure who is angry appears from the sky and tells them to find the Holy Grail. They agree to find the Grail and on their way meet people see people die with holy hand grenades. In the end, King Arthur and Sir Bedevere are left and find the Castle Arrrghhh where the Holy Grail is. They are met by some French soldiers who taunted them earlier in the film, so they were not able to get into the castle.
Throughout the whole movie I was confused but overall there were more negative things rather than positive thoughts about the movie. I’ll start with the good things which were there accents; they were pretty cool which made the movie funny and interesting. I never understood the whole purpose of their mission but they continued on their adventure for a Holy Grail. The parts that made me laugh were when knights started dying and when they through the hand grenade. Also when they were trying to pass a bridge and the old man guarding it asks one man what his favorite color was and the other the air velocity and who ever got the answer wrong flew away. Then the old man’s game came and affected him when he got asked a question and he got it wrong and ended up also flying which was hilarious because he probably died. I would most likely not recommend this movie to other people and would rate it a half a star only because there should have been more killing, jousting or something that dealt with more people dying painfully....

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