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Moonchildren Review

  • Submitted by: emmarosehaya
  • on November 14, 2010
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The play “Moonchildren”, written by Michael Weller, is about a group of college students in the 1960’s living together. Their situation is set amidst a war, a draft, and a civil right’s movement that they all have strong opinions about.   There are many dynamics to the students’ lives such as relationships, drafting, grades, family, and friendships.
The play had many moments of humor, excitement, and seriousness. The production was funny, tender, and very well paced. In the first scene, we hear a chorus of young people who, as we gradually come to realize, are laying around in the dark waiting to witness their cat having kittens. It is a fun set-up for the play - and gives us a first look into the character’s personalities. Later on, when we learn there isn't really any cat at all, the humor of the play begins to shine through.
Each of the performers had strong moments; most of all were Mike (Scott Webb) and Cootie (Alex Sterling). They never missed a line (that an audience member could obviously notice), and played believable roles of college students and eager participants of civil duties and marches. The quick dialogue between these two is witty and clever and keeps the audience entertained. Webb was especially charming and funny and had a booming voice at just the right parts to make the audience laugh.   The character Ruth, played by Melanie Mazza, was another very strong addition to the cast. Mazza portrayed one of two girls living with a group of boys and held her own quite well. She brightened the stage with her caring advice to other characters. Norman (Stefan Schwartz) is a bit of an idealist, as are other characters, but is more literal, intense and slightly confused when it comes to separating reality from novel fantasies.   A crowd favorite was Shelley (Jackie Chalmers); an amusing, sweet, flower child who likes to sit under tables. She was picked up at a protest march by Norman and hung around with him from around the middle of the play and forward....

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