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Moral Absolutism Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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a) Explain what is meant by Moral Absolutism
Moral Absolutism is the ethical theory which considers that there are always absolute rules that determines if an action is intrinsically wrong or right, there is a universal truth. Moral absolutists will judge the actions of those who steal, cheat and murder ect, as being absolutely morally wrong regardless of the persons own beliefs or situation therefore making it impersonal. This is based on deontological arguments, people are led on a set of rules which they must obey, and these pay no regard to exception.
Moral absolutism uses the theory that certain actions are either right or wrong regardless of why and when they happened the circumstances of the actions are not taking into account. Moral absolutists use the law for help when assessing certain situations for example it is against the law to commit murder and those who do need to be punished regardless of the fact that the situation may have been that the victim was the one who initiated the attack in the first place. The moral absolutist would still hold the view that killing someone is always wrong and that in no situation can it be the right thing to do.
Moral absolutist hold the theory that there is a universal truth of what is right and wrong and circumstance does not change. This however is different from moral relativism where everything changes depending on the situation it is put up against. If the previous situation was based on moral relativism the man would not have been punished and would have been set free because he was not the one who initiated the attack therefore he would have got away with murder. How could you call this justice of the man just got away with murder with no kind of punishment?   This is why there is no exception when it comes to moral absolutism, there is a fixed universal truth that can not be manipulated or changed due to circumstance or situation.
This type of absolutism is very popular for people who believe in...

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