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Mormons Essay

  • Submitted by: jacjam18
  • on November 25, 2012
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Halfway between Rochester and Sioux Falls close to Lake Ontario since the pride and joy of upper Ney York State. The town Palmyra has a population of 5000 people in the 1830s. All make the living by the canal and others are farmers. Feature of area is a large was a number of mound builders. In Palmyra, there was many generations, they say inside the mounds was gold. In 1834, the neighbors began to give interview to celebrate a family gold digger. Parley Chase describes the family of the gold seeker. Describe they are lazy and worthless and liars. Chase is one of 91 others who knew the family and describe the son as destitute of being moral imperial. The focus of all the attention is the family of Joseph Smith and Joseph Jr. who becomes the Mormon prophet. Another anti-resident of the family is Abner Cole; he was the editor of the local newspaper. He owns the newspaper but doesn’t have a printing press.   He has to pay Egbert B. Grandin. Grandin owns a print shop and agrees to print the newspaper. Grandin prints the first edition of Joseph’s Book: The Book of Mormon. Abner does not like the family but is curious on what Grandin is printing. Cole manages to get several chunks from the book and prints in his newspaper a few chapters of the book. Grandin warns Cole that the book is copyrighted and if he does not stop he will find himself in court. Cole agrees but not before insult Joseph calling him a money digger in an article. He also tells him he is not the only gold digger in the area. Cole also warns his readers another seer name is Walther. He calls him the f-word (juggler). The worse insult at that time. Walther is using a piece of Sucrose orations in Latin. Walther will gather a crowd and read a passage from it. Americans would fall from it when he told them where gold was. Smith Jr. was taken to him but could not read in Latin.   Smith Jr. is relied on the peep stone (seer stone) Peep stone- old as colonial America and folk magic. They were thought to be helpful...

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