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Mothers Working Away from Home Is Largely to Blame for the Growing Delinquency Essay

  • Submitted by: Viper876
  • on November 17, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Mothers Working Away from Home Is Largely to Blame for the Growing Delinquency" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

I have always heard the saying It takes a village to raise a child which I strongly believe in, hence one of the main reason I don’t support the statement that mothers working away from home is largely (emphasis on largely) to blame for the growing delinquency and crime among the youth, a motherly love is needed and necessary witch she can show and give in many different ways.
Many of societies’ most successful personalities came from single parent homes where the mother works away from or a home where both parents work away from home. If the above statement was true then these persons would have been among the most notorious criminals. However, what they have adapted from their hard working mother is the sense of responsibility, the sense of wanting to achieve, the desire to be more than mediocre and through this they learn sacrifice. Sacrifice that is necessary to achieve one’s life goals and teaches them how to prioritize which will then let them know what worth fighting for in the game of life.
A mother love is one of the greatest gift a child can have however there are different way to show a child you love them and one of those are providing for the child ,let’s be realistic delinquency and crime among youth is not largely to blame on mother working away from home if anything it teaches value and independence many child aspire to be like their mom   working away from home does not allow you to spend lot of time with your child as a stay at home mother does but that does not mean your child will turn out to be a criminal. Do we really want to blame mothers working away from home?   After searching for hours I am yet to find any report or statistic to support this terrier, being a working mom and being able to provide your child with everything they need to give them a sense of security a lot of the crime that is committed by youth springs from need, they are either from a home that cannot provide for them properly or they are force to grow up too fast due to...

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