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Motivation Concepts Analysis

  • Submitted by: anties
  • on November 18, 2010
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Motivation Concepts Analysis
An individual’s “drive” has been explained, and refuted by many over the years.   First introduced by Woodworth in 1918 as being derived from basic biological needs, to post-drive theory years which tries to explain drive as an encompass of motivational factors.   Not one true science or proven “theory” regarding drive as a motivational factor has emerged.   So how do we really define or utilize drive as a motivational factor in our everyday life?   More specifically for the purpose of this essay, how do we utilize drive as a motivational factor in our workplace if we are knowledgeable that drive as a motivational factor is not an exact science or study?
Studies on motivation make a distinction between needs and drives.   Needs are deficiencies (physiological or psychological) that may trigger a voluntary behavior to reduce those deficiencies or satisfy those needs.   Drives have been defined as instinctive tendencies to seek particular goals, or maintain internal stability.     (Berridge, 2004)
Drive as a Motivational Factor in the Workplace (Applicable)
What drives each of us to endure the hustle and bustle of our daily routines of being working adults?   Are we really driven by something to go to work every day?   For me, the motivation and drive to go to work stems from the very powerful necessity of bringing home a paycheck.   I am not automatically driven to go to work because of the pleasure or satisfaction I get from it.   My first and foremost motivation in going to work is monetarily driven, meaning if I did not receiving a paycheck I would not go.   Otherwise, why would I be motivationally driven to spend eight or more hours in my office, doing what I do on a daily basis?
Once I am actually at work and have gotten past the whole having to go to work attitude, I slowly become more driven.   Before actually getting to work I am solely driven by going to work via monetary means.   But once I actually get to work, I am driven for the...

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